Do you know what to know before using an exercise bike?

You must be sure that what you are going to do. Using an exercise bike for the first time is really pleasant. You could not sleep last night thinking about what you are going to do with the exercise bike. How will be the days of exercise with the bike? And much other thought. Don’t be panic. At first, you should research all the alternatives, tools, and techniques before starting an exercise. Whatever you do, you are doing for your health. So, you must be conscious of your future plan. Here I have enclosed some essential information that will help you know about the stationary bike.

Look: Read each portion of the article carefully and have a nice start. For a beginner, it is really needed to know the basic tools and techniques of an exercise bike.

What is an exercise bike?

Generally, a stationary bike is called an exercise bike which is used at home to spin by paddles. It is used at home with the purpose of burning fat and having an exercise at any time. Now a day, the demand of this stationary bike is becoming rapidly. In this busy world, this kind of home bike has made a way of exercise easy.

What are the benefits of Exercise Bike?

Erase your back pain: You will have a clear experience of your joint from the waist to the knees. When you ride a bicycle you bones get together with the exact amount of calcium. You know that whenever we move our body, our blood circulation hit up our whole body. By spinning the paddles, your back pain may rush away from your body.

Help knees: To have better walking experience your knees must be lubricated always so that your quads get enough strength through your movement. On the other hand, using an exercise bike helps to reduce knee pains and fix upcoming injuries.

Release your thighs: As riding a bike forces both legs to paddle, it really helps to make beautiful and strong thighs on both sides.

Controls your blood circulation: Our physic always wants rest that is why sometimes we fall in various disease for becoming too idle. To have sound health we must use our physic for controlling blood circulation. Riding this kind of bike at home helps to make pressure on our body.

Do your exercise anywhere: A stationary bike enables you to get freshness anywhere you go. You can simply install it at your home at any corner. It takes only a few spaces to be settled.

Get your desired one: You would find a different kind of exercise bike. You can choose your one watching the categories.

A way to customize: You are getting a guidebook to fix the parts of the bike as you want. You can get help from the customer service officer or you can make it yourself following the guide book.

Using an Exercise Bike for the First Time

Be sure that you are doing in the perfect way:

Before you start spinning on the bike, be sure that you are doing it in the right way. You know this is mechanical equipment joint with various parts. There is a huge thing you need to consider before starting. Don’t be panic to start it. Just think, how long you want to spin it and where you want to see your fitness.

Making an exact routine, you should start. I will suggest you have a conversation with the experienced one of a professional trainer who can train you at home. You know our physical system is just like a little amount of muddy which can be customized with proper training. So, you have to be sure that your way of using the stationary bike is proper.

Choose a comfortable bike for you:

There are some different kinds of stationary exercise bikes in the world. Though they are equal in performance, there is a silly difference in the way of using them. You need to find out the perfect one which will be comfortable for you. Will find those bikes with their category and specification. You will find three types of bike in your local market. They are:

  • Traditional Upright Bike
  • Spin Bike
  • Recumbent Bike

Choose your one following the category and the way of dealing it. Make sure that you are choosing the right one for your present health condition.

Fix your bike with your health position:

Before starting your exercise, fix the bike comfortable for your physical safety. At first, you would find the bike separated from various parts. You are looking so because you are given a chance to customize the bike as your will. Now get help from the guideline book of your bike given by the bike company. You can hire a trainer who knows well about how to fix a stationary bike.

In the fixing time, you must be sure that your waist and keens are in equal line. Your seat should not be much higher and lower from the floor. Try to make it easy to spin regularly. Do not fix it seeing the others one. Your health may not support any others setting.

Do some warm-up:

So here you are. Now do some warm-up to begin the main exercise. Do not start exercise directly after setting your bike. At first, you need to start your blood circulation so that your physic will get a piece of news that something is going to happen. If you start whimsically the exercise, you may experience a heart attack.

  • Stand on your floor and jump slowly.
  • Now add your hand up and down with jumping.
  • Put down your head and up after a few seconds.
  • Do this kind of normal exercise for 10 minutes as warm up.

Using an Exercise Bike for the First Time

Follow the steps for an effective workout:

I have experienced the stationary bike exercise many times. Here I have enclosed a deep exercise work out method so that you could have a better beginning. Follow the instruction carefully and do it regularly. Don’t be over smart that you are doing with your own made routing. It may cause harm.

Step 1: At first, sit on your bike seat and measure your heels that they are in the right condition. it means when the pedal is down, your heels and legs must be straight. If they are looking straight, you are all set to begin the exercise. If now, adjust it as I said. Remember that you are in a familiar condition in the first view. You can backward and forward your seat as your size.

Step 2: Now try to pedal slowly to check that you are in the right position. You have to be sure that the bike is comfortable for you. Do not try to spin as you got the bike.

Step 3: Do not fix the handle or other bars too close to you. It could cause a different kind of pains in your whole body. Keep standard distance from seat to handle. It is obvious that they all are in a comfortable mood.

Step 4: Now sit on your seat and put your leg on the pedals. Keep your handlebar gently and make straight your back with your seat. Make sure that your heap, knees, and feet are in the same line. Now spin slowly for 10 minutes as a little warm up. Do not try to spin fast at the very beginning.

Step 5: Keep your heart rate in the normal scale when you are spinning the bike. You can see your heart rate on the bike monitor. To keep a normal heart rate, you can fix the resistance into normal rpm. You can get the resistance guide with the bike.

Step 6: Now make a routine for everyday exercise. You have spin 20 minutes every day in a week. If you do less then it will not work for any change. On the other hand, do not keep much longer in a day. It could be a danger to your health. You can keep these 20 minutes dividedly. Suppose, you can spin for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes after coming from the office. Just make the routine friendly with your timing and health condition.

Must add extra 5 minutes in the beginning for warm up.

Step 7: Follow the professional trainer who trains online on how to spin bike. You can find many videos of workout with the exact method on Youtube. You suggest you spin 20 minutes in a day comfortably. In the last 10 minutes spin faster as you can for 5 minutes and again slow down the speed for 5 minutes. Like that way increase the RPM slowly day by day. You change the RPM rate 2 or 3 days after.

Do not make these mistakes:

  • Do not grip the handlebar tightly. It could cause hand muscle pain in a single day. Just grip gently as you can free from the bike. By gripping the handlebar tightly, you are spending another energy that you should waste.
  • Do not keep your seat too high or too low from your heel. Always you need to remember that, your heels are standing on the paddles with a suitable distance from the seat.
  • Are you feeling that you are not breathing properly? If so then stop spinning and try to breathe normally. You must observe it you are breathing normally.
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