Mountain biking is an awesome sport for building power, endurance, and agility. Whether mountain biking is your only sport or part of a cross-training fitness routine, using the proper mountain bike gear, clothing and equipment will help make your next mountain bike ride faster, secure and more comfortable.

Mountain bikes are a fun way to workout and connect with nature. Compared to road bikes, they have the following features:

  • Fatter tires with rugged tread for stability and durability on off-road terrain
  • A more upright cycling position that gives you a chance to enjoy the view
  • Some have suspension systems that absorb shock for a more enjoyable ride

There are many ways to enjoy mountain biking, and you don’t need to be in the mountains. Trails vary from pleasant rides on wide, flowing logging streets to high-adrenaline challenges on technical single-track.

The Basics of Mountain Bike Gear

There is some mountain bike gear that you will have to go along with the real mountain bike. The gear that you will need depends on the type of mountain biking you are going to be doing. The type of gear that you will require will also depend on your individual needs and another deciding factor is the amount of budget that you have available. It is also important to consider the type of bike you have when choosing equipment, therefore, you should know if your bike is a completely rigid model or if it is a full suspension model.

There is a vast array of various mountain bike gear that is available so what you purchase really depends on your individual needs and also on your budget. All mountain bikers tend to go for a suitable helmet and most also choose to wear mountain biking gloves. These are the two most popular pieces of gear, as they will secure your head and hands if the cyclist falls off the bike.

If you are planning on doing extreme mountain biking then it may also be a good idea to invest in some safety equipment for example elbow pads and kneepads. These safety devices will save you if you fall off the bike. The length of time that you plan to ride for and the distance that you plan to cover will also have a big impact on the amount and type of equipment you are going to need.

How to Use Gears on a Mountain Bike

Mountain bike has all the gears that help the rider to ride on any rocky surface. If you are new with a mountain bike or not riding a bike for a long time, at that point read up the methods for playing with gears when you are on your mountain bike:

  • When you are on bike start riding until you are on comfortable rhythm. When you are riding on a flat surface, you need to use large chaining. The handlebar shifter will work as a shifter. The right shifter controls the front ring and left shifter controls the back ring. Make sure to change gears when you are pedaling.
  • When you need to shift the chain to middle chaining, you have to click the front shift to move into middle gear. This gear helps the rider to ride through climbing, wind and soft land.
  • Try to keep your front gear in the last gear and keep changing your gear up and down. Shift-click will help to move the chaining. Shifting gear makes a change in the resistance.
  • To change in the high gear, you need to shift rear cassette in the middle gear and click the right shift to switch from front gear to large chaining. The top gear is for riding on flat and coming down from the hillside.
  • When you are close to the mountain, and you are ready to go up then keep the gear down. If you change gears at that time, it will do harm on the chain and it will cause chain fall.
  • The practice of riding will help you to learn ways to use different gears. Try to ride on several surfaces whenever you can. When you will get used to shifting gears naturally.

Tips to Follow

  • You need to use the front brakes in a mountain bike. This brake controls your ride.
  • When you want to have a mountain bike, ensure you have the right type of mountain bike.
  • There is no need to install extra gear if you don’t need. Research and learn what gear will work for you.
  • Stay calm when you are going for a ride. Because it is important to stay calm and comfortable when you are on a rough surface with your mountain bike.
  • Don’t put up heavy or excess cloth when you are riding.

Riding with a mountain bike is an adventurous ride. Those who love to have some good times ride on hill areas they go up there with their mountain bike. But before going on a trip, you need to know how to use gears on a mountain bike. Because gears are major parts that help riders to ride with grace. Get gears for your mountain bike and make your bike ride comfortable.

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