How to Use a Treadmill to Lose Weight Fast

Treadmills are the best choice for those who want to lose weight. It helps to pump your blood flow resulting in increased heart rate which decreases the danger of cardiovascular diseases and it is also an awesome machine for losing weight and burning calories. If you use the treadmill effectively, you can consume some significant amount of calories and lose a lot of weight. In this article, I will share with you treadmill workouts to lose weight for beginners. That will increase the effectiveness of your daily treadmill exercise and will help you reach your fitness goal faster.

How to use a treadmill to lose weight fast:

So, here guide is 30-minute treadmill workouts for weight loss. The last step is the most useful treadmill workout for weight loss but doesn’t just skip through the whole post or otherwise, you can’t use the last step effectively. Read every tip until you reach the last one.

First step:

At first, start slowly, if you are beginner starts it from 10-15 minutes that you can do those 10-15 minutes comfortably after increase time to 20 minutes or also. Thus the same way, it is safe to run on a treadmill for 30-40 minutes. Moreover, if you want to do more than that does it an instructor because more than 40 minutes can because of you lose.

Second step:

Set the treadmill bent to 1% to 2%. You intentionally pump your arms while running. At that point, you will consume 5 percent to 10 percent more calories per times than if you walk with your arms down by your parts. When exercising, looks forward your core abdominal muscles. Keep your body centered on the treadmill at more times.

Third step:

Some people accept that they have to hold onto the handrails when running on a treadmill. Basically, the handrails are only there to help you safely off of the treadmill. Practice proper upper body form by keeping your arms when running on the treadmill, at a straight point.

The fourth step:

Choose a cardio exercise if you are working on building your patience, a calorie consumes exercise to get the maximum calorie expense from your workout to build up your motion. Run using the incline feature to simulate hill work at a faster value. The treadmill belt’s consistent movement keeps if you begin to feel tired you running at a compatible speed even.

Start running for 2 minutes on a slow speed and after that start at a faster speed. In fact, this consumes hell lot of calories, this plan is to increment and decrement speed later every minute so that your body is not able to predict.

Fifth step:

So, here is the last and the most useful tip of them all. Interval workouts are the most effective not only with the treadmill but with weight exercises also. The idea of an interval workout is to confuse our muscles and make them work more and more which results in more calories consumed or if you are doing weight training then more muscle tears.

The Advantages of Running on the Treadmill to Lose Weight

Treadmill workouts to burn fat. It’s a lot easier to run these calorie-burning intervals on the treadmill than it is outside. You can easily set your speed and increase your incline at the touch of a button. You can monitor your intervals without purchasing a fancy fitness tracker, and since treadmills are naturally indoors, you don’t need to worry about rain, snow or heat getting in the way of your workout.

But even though running on the treadmill can absolutely help you lose weight if you enjoy it, it’s not the only tool you have in your weight loss arsenal. Concentrate on your diet, mix up your exercises and opt for steady, sustainable weight loss with the help of the treadmill. Your waistline will thank you in the long-run.


  • Wear comfortable, supportive shoes and loose clothing for your treadmill exercise.
  • Add variety to your exercise by occasionally walking backward.
  • Set distance and time goals for yourself.


  • Consult your doctor before starting a treadmill program. Stop your exercise if you feel any pain.
  • Attach the safety clip to your clothing so that if you fall, the treadmill will stop.
  • Ensure the treadmill is working properly before using.

Final Word:

The treadmill is a great tool to get the exercise you need to stay healthy without having to worry about the weather outside, and you can also use it to consume calories and lose weight. Now you know how to use a treadmill effectively for weight loss. If you’re ready to burn fat, get ready to walk briskly on your treadmill, at an incline, to get the exercise you need to stay fit and trim. You need to follow step by step approach as explained above.

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