If you are the new rider, you may have not much experience in using a bike and in solving some issues related to the bike. Sometimes when you may find that your bike is slower than usual, you should instantly think of the case that your tire pressure is not full enough.

It is very essential for you to be aware of when and how much you should pump the tire. In this article, we will share with you how to use a bike pump easily.

We got some times few questions, about using a bike pump, how to use a hand bike pump,  how to use a mini bike pump, how to use a bike pump Schrader valve, are on of them. So let’s start and don’t miss any step,  we discuss and explain deeply.

The Different Types of Bike Pumps:

First, you have to know which type of bike pump you have. Trying to pump up your tires with your feet holding the bottom of one pump won’t work too well with another. You will also have to know which type of pump you have and how it works.

Floor Pump:

A floor pump is a pump you will probably leave at home or maybe in the back of your car. This is a tall pump that is held in place by placing your feet on the bottom of the stand.

Frame Pump:

A-frame pump is a long, slender pump that fits beside the top tube on your bike to pump up your flat tire while out on a ride. Its advantages over the below pumps are that it needs a lot fewer strokes and can reach a higher pressure; important if you’re on a road bike.

Hand Pump:

Hand pumps are portable that you can use for occasional or emergency use. These pumps sport a small size making them perfect for traveling.

CO2 Inflators:

A CO2 inflator is super fast and efficient unless you need to pump up more tires than you have CO2 inflator; at that point, your quick flat change is a long walk or wait for a ride.

How to Use a Bike Pump:

Step 1: Determine What Type of Pump You Need:

Checking your bike tires’ valve will give you determine what type of pump you will need. There are two types of tire valves, the Presta which is a skinny and a tall valve that has a small nut on top and Schrader a black valve that looks like a car tire valve.

Step 2: Choose the Right Pump:

Using the wrong bike pump is one of the common mistakes made by most bike owners who are pumping their tires. To avoid the same mistake, you have to select the right pump head which is compatible with the type of valve you’ve determined in the first step. Some bike pumps come with a modifiable or dual pump head for both kinds of a valve, whereas other models are valve explicit.

However, if you are not sure, attach the pump to your valve and inflate the tire. If it does not work and you have completed everything else right, you’ve chosen the wrong bike pump.

Step 3: Remove The Tire Valve’s Cap:

Removing the valve’s cap is very simple. For Presta valves, you can spin the nut counterclockwise. When you have successfully removed the cap ensure to place it in a safe place so that it will not roll and get lost.

Step 4: Attach The Bike Pump to Valve Properly:

This step is very easy to do. However, there are some important things that you should know about.

When you have removed the cap and loosened the core, you have to make sure that the nozzle is firmly pressed down on the valve.

If you notice that your tire is not expanding when you pump or the air is dodging from the inside tube, it means, the pump head is not attached properly. Just simply take off and reattach to fix the seal.

Step 5: Pull & Push the Pump Handle:

Once you’ve joined the head properly, pull and push the handle of your bike pump to inflate your tires.

Step 6: Inflate To The Optimum Pressure:

Check the tire gauge to figure out how much air is in your tire. Also, check your tire’s wall for suggested tire pressure then pump up to the given number.  However, if your pump doesn’t have a gauge, you can touch the tire to determine if it’s appropriately inflated.


If you have the tire off the bike, support the tire with your feet as you pump up the tube to prevent the nozzle from coming off the valve.

Always carry extra tubes and patches. When you flat, don’t patch the tube. Use the extra. Patch the tube when you get home or if you flat once again.


These steps are basically how to use a bike pump. This is an easy process. You need to follow all the steps carefully so that you don’t mess up the things. You have to check out the state of the tires.

The air of the tires or the pressure naturally decreases over the time of use. So, keep in mind that if you want a smooth ride and not one where you have to spend half an hour under the sun inflating the tires.


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