An exercise bike is a piece of excellent workout equipment. It’s easy to use and you will be building muscles and burning more calories. It gives you a fit and toned body. This article is for those exercise bike users who want to know how to make exercise bike seats more comfortable?

Exercise bike seats hurt, don’t they? Many users face this problem exercise bikes seat killing their butt. They had some bad experiences during their workout. A lot of people give up their exercise because of the pain.

It happens because of the low budget exercise bikes. Sometimes, the users do not look at their exercise bike seat and they finally buy junk. After some days they can’t use this exercise bike because of the bad and uncomfortable seat.

But here are some methods that will help you stay on the bike seat longer. These methods will definitely help you make exercise bike seats more comfortable.

Why You Feel Uncomfortable During a Workout on an Exercise Bike?

There are a few reasons that can hurt. First of all, you need to find out why the seat is uncomfortable to use. I’m figuring out some common reasons that may cause hurt your butt during exercise.

  • Unfortunately, you bought an exercise bike that has a hard seat and finally you feel uncomfortable for long time use.
  • Some people use nylon cloths that are normally not smooth and they feel uncomfortable during a workout.
  • Because of the long leg users and bike seat are very short. Then the users feel uncomfortable due to their short seat.
  • Some bad exercise schedules may cause uncomfortable exercise for a long time. That’s why we suggest starting with lower resistance and high speed. Then gradually increase resistance and lower the speed. You can do a workout for a long time with this method.
  • Sometimes users feel that their butt is wider than the bike seat and feel so uncomfortable. Because of the narrow seat, the butt remains outside the seat.

How to Make Exercise Bike Seats More Comfortable

How to Make Exercise Bike Seats More Comfortable:

Set up your bike properly:

One of the most common and often overlooked causes of indoor cycling seat pain, according to the experts, is a bike seat that’s either too low or too high. When both of these situations happens, your legs don’t have the ability to fully support your body weight while you pedal. Read more about the proper installation steps of the bike seats.

We may feel more comfortable and fast with the handlebars set lower. But when it comes to spinning and indoor cycling bikes you actually want to keep your handlebars up higher. This will help you keep better posture, enable you to build up your strength and keep back pain under control. It’s recommended to sitting on the saddle with one pedal at dead-bottom of the rotation at the 6 o’clock position on a clock face. You have to keep your foot flat and put your heel on the pedal with a very slight bend in your knee.


Wear the Right Clothing:

Most of the time, it is all about the perfect outfit. Biker shorts will provide some protection and help with saddle pain. These shorts are rather slick and smooth so they will protect against excessive rubbing. This is mainly the reason behind a lot of inconveniences. The crotch design will give you protection where most needed.

Buy a padded seat cover:

If you’re experiencing serious indoor cycling seat pain. Then you can buy a removable bike seat cushion cover from a myriad of stores or any online shop. Not only do these covers cushion your seat, but they also make the seat a bit wider. However, it’s recommended that checking out the different brands and varieties in a store before purchasing online.

Make Exercise Bike Seats More Comfortable

Check your Saddle:

Many people report soreness in their sit bones when they spend too much time on an exercise bike. Since you actually need to spend quite some time in order to consume calories, this situation can get problematic. However, a couple of changes to your saddle can make a big difference.

You can generally have your seat replaced. Getting a wider seat with a wider post will help circulate the weight more evenly. This will be less painful and will help elevate the irritation.

A few people use gel seat covers. These are designed to provide more cushioning to help with the pain and numbness that can occur because of spending too much time on the bike.

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Final Words

An exercise bike is undoubtedly a useful machine to get your body in perfect shape. If you’re new to an exercise bike, it is very natural to make mistakes. You will find some problems with your exercise bike seat and you feel uncomfortable. But it gets worse when you don’t try to turn those wrongs into rights. Figure out why your exercise bike seat is uncomfortable. Ensure your seat is perfect for your leg’s height. Add a comfortable padded seat cover in your exercise bike seat.

Now you know how to make exercise bike seats more comfortable. Now follow these steps to convert your uncomfortable exercise bike to comfortable. If you follow these steps you feel more comfortable in your exercise bike. We hope it helped you and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to hit us through the comment section.

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