Many people around the world like cycling. Some people do it on the road while others prefer off-road trails. To get a better cycling experience off the beaten track, you should use a mountain bike. This is a bike that is designed to ride on a rocky surface also. Its frame is more upright and strong. Besides, it gives you more clearance from the ground to let you climb over rocks, gorges, and ruts. Mountain bikes are designed to carry stressful riding conditions and still deliver comfort to the rider. Do you know that you can make your mountain bike faster? By making a few modifications, you can make it faster. Here are some tips about how to make a mountain bike faster.

How to Make a Mountain Bike Faster Step By Step

1. Change the tires to slicks

Most mountain bikes will come with very bumpy tires from the factory. This is because the makers are assuming that people with mountain bikes are planning on riding through trails, which doesn’t require a fast bike. Don’t get me wrong, having some speed is necessary when you are going through your local bike trails, but not as important as traction and movement. Making a simple change of your tires from the standard bumpy ones to slick road ones will allow your mountain bike to go significantly faster. Ensure that you are getting the right sized tires.

2. Inflate the tires properly

Having tires that are significantly underinflated or overinflated can have a negative effect on your mountain bike’s speed. Not only will the tires naturally not be able to turn as fast, but it will also make it harder for you to pedal as fast, which will decrease your personal speed while riding.

You should ensure that your bike tires are properly inflated at all times if you want to ride fast and effectively. I would suggest carrying around a tire gauge and pump and inflating your tires as required.

3. Eliminate the brake rub

With your mountain bike upside down and resting on a clamp, turn the wheels. They should turn in a smooth way. If they don’t, then you have a case of brake rub. This is where the brake calipers rub against the wheel disks even when you haven’t engaged them. This causes you to burn energy and decrease your speed unnecessarily. If you encounter this problem, use your screwdrivers to modify the tension of your brake calipers. Align them properly such that their pads aren’t dragging on the disks. Proper alignment should dramatically boost the speed of your mountain bike.

4. Clean your mountain bike

Did you know that regular, thorough cleaning can enhance the speed of your bike? Firstly, you enjoy riding a clean bike more than a dirty one. Secondly, if dirt or grime gets into your drivetrain, it can decrease your speed significantly. Therefore, ensure that you clean your bike as often as possible. Use the instruments indicated above to accomplish this. Moreover, ensure that you wipe the chain and gear system until they are dry before oiling them.

5. Keep your weight centered on the bike

If the bike were removed from you while riding, you should fall flat on your feet. Too far forward and you will be inclined to launch over the handlebars. Too far back and your front brake won’t be as efficient as it should be.

6. Keep your body loose on the bike

Arms and legs should be slightly bent and never completely extended. If you can not wiggle your fingers, you’re holding on too tight relax. One finger on the brakes with today’s hydraulic disc brakes that is really all you need.  This allows you to keep a good handle on the grips.

7. Let your bike do the work, trust your bike

Fighting your bike will make riding long, tiring and normally more bumpy than it needs to be. Allow your bike flow, down the trail, into and around turns.

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8. Speed and momentum are your friends

If you come to a technical section, having some speed helps tremendously. If you are picking your way over and around every rock you are going to lose your momentum which will need more power to get your speed back up when the trail improves.

9. Lower your tire pressure

Keep your tire pressure about 25lbs, slightly more in your back tire. Too much tire pressure is going to cause you to bounce everywhere throughout the trail. Modern tires can deal with lower pressure.

10. Rail the corners

As you turn, the centrifugal power wants to throw you off your bike into the bushes on the outside of the corner.  So when you whip around a corner fast, you’ll need to lean into it. But because your speed and the radius of the turn are rarely in sync, you have to lean your bike and your body at different angles. Normally, this means leaning your bike into the turn and keeping your body slightly more upright.


Mountain biking is fun and can be performed as a hobby, fitness activity or sport. In this article, I have outlined the things that how to make a mountain bike faster. In all these cases, it is best to have a fast bike. Applying the tips above can assist you to make your mountain bike go faster. These are simple modifications that you can do to really increase the speed capabilities of your bike. They are ensured methods to improve your speed on the road.

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