Perhaps you are about to purchase a bike and confused about the difference between BMX and Mountain Bikes. Now you want to know whether Are BMX and Mountain Bike the Same or not. Well, the answer is NO. Both the BMX and mountain bikes are designed and built to ride on different roads and fulfill separate goals.

If you’re into stunts, tricks, and jumps, go for a BMX bike. On the contrary, you’ll need a mountain bike if you want to ride it on narrow dirt trails. Mountain Bike is also a good choice for those who want to ride rough difficult tracks or climbing hill tracks. If you want to know more about the differences between BMX and Mountain bikes, get through the article.

difference between bmx and mountain bike

What is BMX Bike?

What is BMX bike? BMX bike is short for bicycle motocross, and it is designed for off-road stunts, racing, tricks, and jumps. This type of bike is suited for the designated areas, like the pump track or skate park.

It is a small-sized bike that comes in different forms, including Racing, Freestyle, Vert, Street, Jumping/dirt, and Flatland. Easily transportable and lightweight is one of the noticeable factors of the BMX bike. If you look at the price range, you can easily find good quality BMX Bikes Under 300 bucks as well.

What is Mountain Bike?

Mountain bike is made for off-road adventure riding, which is also known as a rugged bike. This bike is suitable for rogers off-road riding and designed in a manner to ensure maximum safety of the rider. Mountain bikes have incorporated features that make them super ideal for riding on rugged terrain.

Mountain bike has a larger frame and wheels and also has multiple speed gears as well. You’ll also find flat handlebars, suspension, and wide knobby tires on a Mountain bike. The suspension does a great job by absorbing bumps from tree and rock roots. Unlike other types of bikes, mountain bikes are perfectly compatible for distance too.

Are BMX and Mountain Bike the Same?

We have already answered that BMX and Mountain Bike both contain many differences. The primary dissimilarity you will find between those two bikes is their design. Alongside the design, both BMX and Mountain Bike also offer different purposes as well.

BMX bikes are useful for riding on man-made tracks or and smooth surfaces. On the other hand, Mountain Bike, also known as MTB, is useful for natural terrain and long-distance over rough terrain. You can see both bikes work very well based on your situation. If looking for more elaborate details between both of them, follow the below section.

1.   Frame

The frame can lead a significant role in bringing the difference between BMX and Mountain bikes.

  • BMX bikes come with a strong, simple, and rigid frame to endure maneuver. Most of the BMX bikes are small-sized, and the frame is made of a combination of steel and aluminum. BMX bikes are lightweight, which helps riders to do stunts, jumps, and tricks easily.
  • Mountain bike comes with larger wheels, and its frame easily absorbs vibration and functionality. Since the MTB bike is used for long-distance, the frame must be quite rugged. On a mountain bike, you’ll find attachments for drink bottles, light, and even air pumps for bike.

2.   Wheels

Another noticeable difference you’ll find between BMX and Mountain Bike is their wheel size. Both of them come in different wheel sizes and shapes.

  • BMX bikes generally feature 14” to 24” wheels, and the standard size is 20” in diameter. These small wheels help to withstand the shocks and jolts of several tricks. Its wheels can easily endorse all pressures, including big landings.
  • If you look at the wheels of MTB, most of them come around 26” or 29” in diameter. Mountain bikes require larger wheels which helps to ride on rugged terrain. The standard size of a Mountain Bike is 26”.

3.   Brakes

Both BMX and Mountain bikes offer different braking systems. We’ve discussed them below.

  • If you use the BMX bike, you’ve to spin the handlebars in both directions to perform stunts, tricks, and jumps. That’s why this type of bike requires a special braking function which will not interrupt while doing tricks. You will generally find a V-brake in the real wheel of a BMX bike.
  • You have to ride the MTB bikes in conditions like wet, leafy, muddy, and many more. Caliper, disc braking systems are generally found on MTB bikes. These braking systems are strong and robust enough to withstand any situation.

4.   Gears

Alongside the size, the gearing system also makes significant differences between BMX and Mountain Bikes.

  • No matter what type of BMX bike you’re using, all of them offer a single gearing system. A BMX bike is to perform tricks, stunts, jumps, so it must be quick, and single gear helps to reach the maximum speed quickly.
  • When it’s about a Mountain bike, it can have 20 different gearing systems. Riders can be able to use the required gear function based on the condition. Its wide range of gearing systems will help to tackle different types of steep inclines.

5.   Suspension

You can follow another simple way to determine the bike type through the suspension. Here is how-

  • BMX bike doesn’t have any suspension, and that’s why riders need maximum thrust and strength when they face obstacles during their sprint.
  • Mountain bikes can come with both fully suspended or only front suspension. This function allows the rider to have better control while riding on a tough surface.

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Which Is Right for You Among BMX and Mountain Bike?

Since you know about BMX and Mountain Bike, you can quickly determine which one you need. If you’re going to do off-road up and down mounting riding, you should choose the Mountain bike. Mountain bikes come with a super effective navigation system, which will let you ride in over terrain safely. Most importantly, Mountain bikes are a good choice for long-distance.

If you want to perform tricks, stunts, and racing, nothing can be a better choice than choosing a BMX bike. However, a BMX bike is not a great option if you want to travel a long distance. Simply specify your needs or desires and get one based on your budget.

Final Thoughts

Since we’ve discussed everything about BMX and Mountain Bike, now you have an understanding of the difference between both of them. We hope your confusion about whether Are BMX and Mountain Bike the Same or not is clear.

You’ll only find similarities in saddle position and pedal position. And rest of the functions like frame, gear, wheel, gears, and suspension are different. So there is nothing to be confused about and simply get one to fulfill your needs.

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